Social Media Consulting

Authentic, Organic Social Media Engagement

A successful social media campaign requires authenticity and great content.

Now you just need a plan. When you turn over your social media marketing to an outside firm you lose authenticity. They aren’t you. No matter how much time they spend with you.

Because the outsourcing company doesn’t have your knowledge, experience or passion, your content becomes boring. The outsourcing firm begins working like crazy to drive up likes, views - anything they can point to - to make it look like they are doing the job. You receive constant analytics, charts, etc., but you don’t sense any real change.

It begins to feel like a waste of time and money. How much time and money you waste is up to you, but the end result is that you stop doing social media because it didn’t produce any results. Sound familiar? My goal is not to do your social media outreach but to teach you how to do it yourself–successfully.

Social Media Consulting Services include:

  • Creative brainstorming and content review
  • Educational support for all major social media channels
  • Overall campaign design and focus
  • Social "editorial" calendar creation
  • Training in the mechanics of all phases from posting to evaluation
  • Support graphics packages for all major channels