Just Design

The process of turning genius into industry is a visual process. Every great idea begins with design.

From mobile apps to board games. In our rush to think in terms of a finished product we tend to see only  deliverables. A "thing" in your hands. Something you download.  We get so excited that we forget the most important part. Design. It's the first thing I do - whether I am creating a logo or designing a website.  Offered as a distinct service for those just embarking upon the design phase, no matter what the project.

Design feels mysterious. Telling people they need to dedicate time to the "design phase" always makes them nervous.  There goes the budget. Deadlines? Please!  They know what they are trying to create and they just need someone to help them with the "computery mechanics" of creating the deliverable.  This is why otherwise good ideas fail.  Good design pays for itself.  It also flushes out bad ideas and inconsistencies.

Apple's original iPhone took over three years to design.  It changed the way the entire world communicated, gave birth to a new industry in application design, fueled hundreds of thousands of jobs and launched new businesses, and ultimately made Apple the biggest and wealthiest company on earth.   

Design Services include:

  • Creative brainstorming
  • Sketching or roughing out all design elements, fonts, colors, and styles
  • Mock ups or Vision Boards for any and all projects: web, apps, games
  • Sequential walk through or story boards
  • Vector or bitmapped images
  • Any and all versions available including original files